NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi

Panel Quality

My unit came with a couple dead pixels: one red at the bottom of the screen and another green closer to the middle of the screen. I was a little surprised, but the dead pixel tolerance for a screen this large is fairly high. Most merchants won't even allow you to a return an LCD until eight dead pixels are present. The dead pixels that I do have are generally hard to notice, and unintrusive, so I have decided to keep this unit.

The panel has faint horizontal lines. They are difficult to see during regular usage but they are visible when looking closely at certain neutral colors.

(bottom-left: pure color, top-right: pattern exaggerating lines)

This is not dithering, but probably just a certain pixel lining in the H-IPS panel itself. I do not notice the screen door effect on this LCD at reasonable viewing distances, and the lines problem does not appear to contribute to SDE.

There are no blemishes or scratches on the screen, and it appears otherwise to be in great condition, which you would expect of a new unit. I consider the aforementioned issues minor because they do not affect my daily use of this monitor.


Uniformity, or homogeneity, is a measurement of how even brightness is across the screen. A full white screen is shown and measurement points are chosen. Each point is then measured by a colorimeter.


ColorComp: OFF

With ColorComp turned off, the LCD2690WUXi's performance is lackluster. Sides of the screen have noticeable brightness variations, particularly in the middle. In my opinion, ColorComp is needed for general use but for multimedia it might not be as annoying. It will reduce contrast since it throttles the peak brightness, so a lower setting or OFF may even be desirable for games and movies.


ColorComp: 5

This is a much more welcoming sight. At setting 5 (3 is good too), the screen is mostly even yet there are still a few kinks of brightness on my unit. Others have had more luck with the ColorComp function citing that it delivered near perfect results. I did not have this luck but I have a satisfactory end result. This should be adequate for photo editing and certainly general use. Personally, I expected better results with the highest ColorComp setting on this professional LCD.

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