NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi


With the LCD2690WUXi, NEC has shown us what they are capable of. Fortunately, they were capable of making an LCD that performs excellently in all tests of image quality and quite well in response time. The LCD did not cater to gamers as much as photo editors or movie buffs, but the occasional gamer will not be disappointed with the LCD26's adequate reactivity. Console gamers will miss the 1080i input present on most other LCDs in this price range.

The LCD26's interface will win over users from every class. Its portrait mode support and uniformity compensation features justify its professional name tag. The adjustable lookup table (LUT) is attractive to enthusiasts and photo editors alike. The LUT provides unsurpassed calibration accuracy for not only photos, but potentially for games and movies as well. Lack of calibrated sRGB mode may disappoint those who work in the web field, but the preset sRGB emulation already in place will be adequate for most.

Omission of a USB hub may seem silly, although in practice I did not feel this was required. Users of NEC's smaller flagship, the 20WMGX2, will most likely not be disappointed with the LCD2690WUXi's performance. The calibration features will be welcome to such users, although the higher input lag, lack of a USB hub and lack of other analog video inputs may be a put-off. As a former 20WMGX2 user, my personal sentiment was that the LCD2690WUXi's matte panel, which by the way is clear and not sparkly, is superior to the 20.1”'s glossy coating.

Users looking for a versatile screen for computer use will find solace in the LCD26. Excellent image quality places it above other LCDs in its price range, and the flexibility in calibration is rarely offered in other LCDs. Those looking for a comprehensive selection of video inputs may be compelled to look elsewhere. The LCD26 should satisfy PC-multimedia addicts, print matchers, programmers, and a few gamers as well. It is aimed primarily towards prosumers and professionals, but any average user will be able to appreciate the LCD2690WUXi's stunning image performance.

Rating: 8/10

Pros: Strong image quality through H-IPS panel, good response time, flexible high quality scaling/expansion, good viewing angle, excellent menu interface, pivot support, built-in fully adjustable color lookup table. Wide gamut backlight, close to covering Adobe RGB (1998), is beneficial for print matchers and some photo editors. Clear, not sparkly anti-glare matte coating. Immune to VA panel problems like color shift.

Cons: Poor overall package: no 1080i support or component inputs. No USB hub. Occasional QA issues. Input lag. Pricey. Not the best option for sRGB users (colors oversaturated in general use).

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